our mission

Our mission at HillTop Equestrian Center is to take kids to the top in Hope, Heart, and Happiness. We strive to help kids realize that there is Hope and that someone cares about you. You can have Heart and be passionate about something of value. Ultimately there is Happiness, contentment beyond circumstance.

Through Judeo-Christian values in our character building modules we strive to help kids
realize two key principles.

The first is Hope, someone cares about you. This care is demonstrated by our volunteers who sacrifice their time to come and build a relationship with a child they've never met. As a result of their perseverance and nurturing relationship, love moves beyond words, into reality. Our horses play a key role in this nurturing relationship. What child isn't enthralled by the opportunity to wrap their arms around the neck of an animal who communicates joy by simply being with a child? As children provide care to "their" horse, they open their guarded hearts to an affectionate animal, and a nurturing counselor. Over time they genuinely realize that someone cares about them.

The second goal is Heart, being passionate about something of value. Our "Adopt-A-Horse" program is not about free riding lessons; it is about equine care and responsibility. The heart of our program is to help kids experience the opportunity to enjoy work that is motivated by caring about meeting the needs of someone other than themselves.
Through our program kids learn that the road to privilege is responsibility. As our youth progress in their equine care and responsibility, the reward of riding and accomplishment is gained to provide a passion and purpose for something beyond their own needs and interest.

The final point of our mission statement is Happiness. We do not consider this a principle to be taught like the prior two aspects of our mission statement. Rather, Happiness is a result of fulfillment, which is gained by Hope and Heart. As a child understands that someone genuinely cares about them, and they find purpose and passion beyond themselves, true happiness is realized. This happiness is more than a simple joy found in an experience, but rather contentment and the strength to live beyond their circumstance.